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Home Heating and Cooling System Specialists

Call us at Sentry Oil for assistance with a wide variety of home heating and cooling system installations. We offer HVAC services to homeowners and travel to locations in and around Worcester, MA. Rely on our HVAC specialists to provide you with maintenance and repair solutions to malfunctioning or failing home heating and cooling systems.

Innovative HVAC Systems

Make the switch from traditional central air conditioning to ductless mini-split heat pump air conditioning units. Enjoy indoor comfort all year through at a fraction of the cost using breakthrough technology that allows wider cooling and heating coverage. Discover more energy-efficient ways to make living spaces comfortable.

Warm Air Furnaces, Indirect Water Heaters

Upgrade your tankless coil system water heaters or replace them with indirect water heating systems and save on electricity costs. We also install high-quality warm air furnaces in homes. Call us for more information about these breakthrough systems.


Save on Energy Costs

Channel our vast knowledge about a diverse range of HVAC equipment from major brands and learn how to save on energy costs. We let you know about cost-efficient ways of modulating temperature controls that make water systems and steam boilers perform efficiently. Systems that have been in use for more than 20 years use up more power and cost more to operate.

Have home HVAC systems installed, maintained, or repaired by licensed technicians. Contact us today for inquiries about contracted HVAC services. For emergency service requests, call us at 508-886-4337.